Panacea Tests

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The one-stop solution for all your assessment needs.
Administer and take tests easily and affordably.

Panacea Test provides full infrastructure and support for creating tests and exams ranging from recruitment tests,
psychometrics and aptitude tests to academic tests, employee evaluation, professional exams and various
kinds of graded quiz. Users receive personalised feedback for an enhanced learning experience.

Whether you’re creating tests or taking tests you’ll find our platform user-friendly and easy to navigate.


We have taken great care to make our user-interface responsive and mobile compatible so that you can conveniently administer and take tests across a wide range of devices.


With our free APIs you can integrate Panacea Test into your company website or custom software so that you can pull test results right within your own platform.



Automatic Scoring

Save time and remove stress with our automated grading system. You can set the pass level for each test and let your students or test takers know their score immediately they submit the test or via email.

Access Control

You can control access by making your tests public or private. Public tests can be accessed by anyone while private tests are restricted to a specific audience. To take a private test users will require unique access details.


We have something for everyone. You can start with our basic plan which allows you to take any test and create up to two public tests for free and upgrade as the need arises. Our platinum plan allows you to create unlimited public tests and unlimited private tests.


Test takers can access their test history and test creators can download test results. You can review the results per user or check the questions to compare performance and get actionable insights.

Why Panacea Test?

By using Panacea Test you can enjoy the benefits of computer-based tests infrastructure without having to incur the full deployment costs or worry about the maintenance.

You can focus on your core deliverables while our platform handles your assessments seamlessly.

Here are some of the benefits you enjoy:

  • Tests are marked instantly and results sent automatically.
  • Users can administer and take tests anytime and from anywhere as long as they have internet connection.
  • Get more value for your time by automating assessment and results collation.
  • Save money by cutting out the costs of printing exam papers.
  • Back up your data safely and securely on the cloud.

Once you create an account on Panacea Test you can use the platform as a test owner or a test taker. You can switch between roles as it serves your purpose per time.
This means that as a user on Panacea Test, you can create your own tests, take your own tests and also take tests from other users on the platform. If you already have a verified account on Panacea e-library you can access Panacea Test with the same login details.

Contact us

  • support(at)panacea(dot)ng
  • +234809-PANACEA